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Shri Shyam Rice Mill was incorporated in 2012, and has successfully won the hearts of thousands of buyers across India. We are well acknowledged in the field of Basmati Rice as a trusted Manufacturer and Supplier. With our base in Raipur, Chhattisgarh, we reach to numerous customers all over the country through our widely spread distribution channel. We offer a great variety of Rice and Flour, which is processed under hygienic condition at our premises. Our Basmati Rice, Broken Rice and Ponni Rice etc. are ideal for a variety of Indian cuisines, and more.  

Our entire assortment of Pure Basmati Rice, Aromatic Non Basmati Rice, Wheat Plant Seeds and others is qualitatively superior, and it is the result of our hard work and commitment towards quality. We have the requisite processing facilities and expertise that enable us to meet the rising demands of the market, effectively. Further, we have good packaging and warehousing installations which are maintained by a team of experienced staff who keep a record of inventory. With traditional knowledge, skills, experience, modern practices and access to best quality inputs, we have been able to produce an unparalleled range of Agro Products to customers.  

Innovation and quality have been the key characteristics that drive our business. We employ the most advanced techniques for the milling and processing of our offered products such as Pure Basmati Rice, Aromatic Non Basmati Rice, Wheat Plant Seeds etc., so as to insure the perfection of every single grain. Our company has been continuously developing with the vast knowledge of working capital and technology so as to stay in tune with the ever flourishing and demanding market requirements at the international level. The manufacturing plant possessed by us is accoutered with many modish machines, which include automated milling, processing, parboiling and packaging units. Our appropriate rice milling procedure efficiently remove the barns and hulls from paddy grains so as to make polished rice. The processing of our products such as Pure Basmati Rice, Wheat Plant Seeds, Aromatic Non Basmati Rice and some others go through the process of pre-cleaning, de-stoning, parboiling, husking, husk aspiration, paddy separation, whitening, polishing, length grading, weighing and bagging etc. By offering the widest range of premium rice, flour and seeds, we are found in nearly every kitchen of top-notch restaurants and homes. Being free from additives and preservatives, our offered products are largely appreciated for their nutritive values.

A Few Lines About Basmati Rice   

Widely known for its full of aroma, Basmati Rice offers elongation and aroma post cooking. This combined characteristic and sweet taste make the rice a delicacy. While cooked, the Basmati Rice is lighter, longer and fluffier than other varieties of rice. It is nature's unique gift to the Indian sub-continent.  

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